FourthCraft Mythronics!


Introducing… FourthCraft Mythtronics!

As you can see. The spawner area. By this time of writing, my mind is totally blank and I don’t know how to publicize this. Oh well, you guys still willing to play it right? Cool. That’s the spirit. I will add more updates if I have the brain power to think again.

Oh yeah, to balance the gaming experience. The spawner’s door can be opened tonight (by this time of writing 14th Jan 16) at 9:00PM (GMT+8). Early birds will get nothing but hope.

Oh man. I forgot to add the download link. Here is it:

FourthCraft Mythronics Installer

PS: Oh yeah. Happy New Year! It’s 2016!

PPS: This server is a semi-hardcore server. It contains life-system. For starters, players are given 3 lifes. After spend all of it, player will be banned from joining. Unless…

Oh. Here’s some manual for those who confused.

PPPS: The installer got you? Sorry, kinda intended anyway.

Also, the server will auto-restart, auto-save and auto-unlock the spawner’s door. Don’t ask me to manually going into the server. That’s not what I want. That’s not how automation works.

  • Server configuration  – CHECKED -
  • Client configuration  – CHECKED -
  • Installer and Updater created  – CHECKED -
  • Mods half-heart tested  – CHECKED -
  • Deadlines  – CHECKED -
  • Not yet recovered from fever and headache – CHECKED -
  • Skipped days of breakfast and lunch  – CHECKED -
  • Sweaty  – CHECKED -
  • Room in total wreck  – CHECKED -
  • But yet, still deliver the product  – CHECKED -

It’s finally here!!!

At last! The wait is over. I finally completed my release for my Minecraft server. Finally, finally…. Wah…


It should be release actually. But since it got too many mods integrated into it, a BETA release is needed to test out whether is it suitable to be played for everyone. Enough talking. Download it now! I mean it! Go!