Download : Shingeki no Kyojin OP Single – Jiyuu e no Shingeki


Well this is unplanned. Anyway, I’ve got myself a copy of FLAC version for Shingeki no Kyojin OP! Which I’ll would like to share it to you guys whoever search for it.

As usual, for those who followed up my website, you guys know what to do. For newcomers? Try find it yourself. (LOL COPY PASTE)

Nothing else really. Just got back from a program. Suddenly want to search for it and found it.

Both FLAC and MP3 are ready to download. Just having MP3 for those who ever want to have the MP3 only. Its just a matter of reconverting it.

Anyway…. Enjoy this good stuff! ;)

Let’s start again


Short notice. Will start up previously plan. Sorry for the late. Nothing really. Missing out the fun. What happened to Minecraft server? Will fix it upcoming this new semester. Will have a tight schedule. No messing around probably. Facebook sucks. Will update more when I’m back to my server again.

Later guys

All of the hate

Nothing really. I just want to take a break from Facebook. All the posts in my wall are truly a never ending story.

My hate surely grows from time to time. Let see if I can be more productive than before… NOT!

Anyway, my Minecraft server always open for business although there a decrement in number of active players. *sad* :(

BTW, please who ever did this… Surely I don’t mind. But you actually making yourself dumb and dumber.


Let’s just hope nothing worst will happen in Malaysia.

P/S: Don’t spread this post on the Internet too much or the Police will knock my door without prior notice. Meh ;)

Kosmonaut Surgeon Simulator 2013

I’m kinda hooked to this kind of game lately. Simple but yet challenging myself. So it supposed to be fun and it is. Out of boredom, I finally managed to complete all my operation tasks with A++ grades.

The IRONY when you got A++ in games but not in IRL exams. Duh. Anyway for more story ahead, check out the video I made out.

P/S: Can I get my Med School degree now?

AMD 2013 Tablet – Worth of the wait?

The upcoming AMD Temash tablet which is rumored to be equipped with AMD A6-1450 1.0GHz (1.4GHz Turbo) Quad-Core Processor which is quite substantially an overkill processor for such days. Reminding you guys that this is a x86 (Not sure if its x86-64) Processor. Which means its a originally a desktop/laptop processor with less power and heat.

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