Voicechat for Minecraft


This will solve our ‘t’, if you know what I mean. Anyway here’s some more updates about the Server.

So as I planned before, I would like to have my own voice chat server for Minecraft players. This will get rid of the hassle for players to chat. Also to avoid that psychotic Creepers from backstabbing us from back due to our current chat system which requires us to type in characters. (No pun intended here)

Well anyway, I would like to release it A.S.A.P. But due to this stacking effect does applied into my assignments, I can’t promise that. Depending on my mood of course.

Aside from that, I would like to announce that there will be R1 update after this. I hope I can manage it, so your soul can be trapped into my server, FOREVER!

Not much of an update right? But at least you can feel the early gist about this. About the voice chat system, and R1 updates. Probably I’ll release it in the same patch. Probably.

Which means that R1 update will include the voice chat system installed into your PC simultaneously with the new Mods. Probably yes, probably not.


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