Upgrades and Upgrades

shed-of-lightIt’s been a harsh month of my life. I suddenly came to add more burden to myself by attending club activities at my University. What a wreak. Got 2 event upcoming that I need to dealt with. So yeah, things just getting to be more interesting.

This is just a short notice to tell you guys that I’m working on the Voice Chat server for all kind of stuff. Either it can be used for Minecraft chatting, or any applicable game title or even just some random small talks too. Voice chat is the trend now, type less, speak more.

As always, the service is free. Thought I will include it inside the Minecraft installer for next update. Depends of whether if I still remember how to compile to make the .exe file installer again. Also for the voice chat, it also comes with rooms now. So you can pick which channel you want to join for your specific needs. For the meanwhile, some game rooms were created and will be added afterwards. You can request it too if you want.

As for Minecraft, I’ll update it probably around the corner. Don’t expect it too fast as usual. I actually want to release the server when I can confirm it will running 100% stable to avoid some cases happened before.

As this time of writing, I found out that Minecraft already at Minecraft 1.5.2. It depends, if there’s nothing problem on moving from Minecraft 1.4.5, then I’ll upgrade it. If not, then I’ll just fix the current version and add some new mods.

By attending my Object Oriented Programming classes, the light has been shed to me. Finally got some of the ideas on what the codes are meant to be for in the Minecraft source code (Technical stuff).

Thanks for all of your support guys. Can’t survive this so long without you. I probably felt want to give up is there’s no one ever bother what am I doing right now. Anyway, will catch up you guys later.

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