Torrent : Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows [ISO][US] (2013)


I just can’t express this well. Why on earth with just an ISO will change my website totally in just a few days? Wow

This is your admin speaking. So right now just added the .torrent for those hot files that we like to talk about. So please seed it? Mostly people will like torrents better right? Well depends on the speed of course. But yeah, it won’t hurt to seed. But be sure you didn’t have any upload quota with your ISP! I don’t make a claim warranty for your bandwidth lost. XD

Skip to the best part. All the .torrent files will be placed next to the file that you guys wanted. So its easier to grab it. One more thing, the .torrent file that I created will not have any tracker. So you guys wont able to find that .torrent file on common torrent tracker sites that everyone do use nowadays.

So please seed to show your support to us here. Number of seeders = Number of gratitude. The higher it is, the better services I’ll can give to you guys in the future.

Alright, I’ll stop here. For those guys who didn’t download successfully, go get them now! If you’re already downloaded it, seed it! Thanks! :D

14 thoughts on “Torrent : Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows [ISO][US] (2013)

  1. I’m trying the torrent now. hope I could finish it so that I could seed for others. Nonetheless, I always seed my finished torrents as a thanks for the maker. :D

    • Question!! Is Corpse Party: Repeated Fear in English or Japanese? Thanks, I was planning to download that too using torrent but I don’t understand Japanese, so I have to rely on the English version.

      • The interface, subtitle and menu are all in English. The only thing that Japanese in the games are their character’s voices. So its similar like watching English fansubbed anime. Anyway enjoy the game! ;)

        Also thanks for the seeding! :D

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