Welcome for another fast update for Minecraft. So currently right now I’m working on installing previous mods that we use before in EX + Tekkit!

For starter, I would like to apologize that I wrongly type the Minecraft Server name, it supposed to be EX + Tekkit! II. The difference is that I forgot to add ‘exclamation mark’ after the ‘tekkit’ word. Just that.

Also I have tested the SkinMod that I develop. So far its working on the latest MC 1.4.7. This is way to cool to have it in my server now. Here’s a cool example on what is ‘skins’ can enrich the game experience.


*@#&$(*@#%& KAWAII!

Anyway, that’s one of the progress (There’s tons of assignment that being held on here, but I’m still OK with this). Say no more Steve skins after this unless there’s some person who like to use it.

Another thing is that, I have added xAuth which is use to add login functions into the game. Since this is a Bukkit-based server, I can use the old plugins wherever I can (If the developer updates it well)

aaaaaaaand btw…..


Miss em’ guys? You should.

So I have already added IndustialCraft2 mods into the server. There’s quite changes happened in the mod itself. I won’t tell it here. Wait till the server is up online for good and try it for your self.

On the other hand, I tried several things too with mods. They are working as what they done before.

2013-02-06_18.31.59 2013-02-06_18.32.13 2013-02-06_18.40.46 2013-02-06_18.40.51

Can you see now why I love my own website? Because I can spam images anyway I can. The last 2 image here are the newer items that they added into IC2. Get it? No? Wait for it.

Since there’s a tons of Mods here, thus giving me more items available to post it out in this website. :D

Later guys. I’ll update more later.

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