Tamako Market – 02


One of the most hyped anime title for this season to be watch. I rather to blame myself about putting to much expectations for an anime to be ‘as perfect as it can’. But it fails so hard to a brick walls.

Cut to the chase, the design was not bad. Since they already use that kind of design back before somewhere in 2008 or 2009? I’m talking to my Yui and my Mio. Since they have both similar designs, I had this mixed feelings about it.


So this is the currrent trends huh? I bet Apple Inc. want to patternize this technology. Oh wait, Steve died already. Which make more sense that even the red metal box is a patent from Apple.

Well, at least they teach you how to bait some girls with birds.

[Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_02_[A74AB4F2].mkv_snapshot_08.34_[2013.01.20_06.10.27] [Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_02_[A74AB4F2].mkv_snapshot_08.34_[2013.01.20_06.10.30] [Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_02_[A74AB4F2].mkv_snapshot_08.35_[2013.01.20_06.10.32]

Look? I got one!

Anyway, I won’t proceed more into this episode. There’s nothing worth mentioning about actually. But I’ll try my best to watch this.

And we know that we share the same thing. WE HATE THIS BIRD.


What? A bird with a count-like pose? This is not Japan!


Yeah granny. And I hope there’s no more of this stupid birds flocking around in my anime.


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