It’s finally here!!!

At last! The wait is over. I finally completed my release for my Minecraft server. Finally, finally…. Wah…


It should be release actually. But since it got too many mods integrated into it, a BETA release is needed to test out whether is it suitable to be played for everyone. Enough talking. Download it now! I mean it! Go!

Let’s start again


Short notice. Will start up previously plan. Sorry for the late. Nothing really. Missing out the fun. What happened to Minecraft server? Will fix it upcoming this new semester. Will have a tight schedule. No messing around probably. Facebook sucks. Will update more when I’m back to my server again.

Later guys

Revived from another world!


I’m back~! From the harsh world named “Reality”. Since right now I’m totally out of ideas on what to post about, let me blog about my 2 weeks of disappearance.

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Download : Shin Sekai Yori ED Single – Wareta Ringo [FLAC][2013]


As I promised. I just found a source for the FLAC version for Shin Sekai Yori endings. Now, it is the time to share to share to the Internet.

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Rapid downloads everywhere!


Eh?! Right now, my PC is hitting to the wall! Seriously guys? I just opened up the website just 2 – 3 days ago. After I add the download link for Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows ISO, that file just being hit almost non-stop!

To clear things up, I’ll tell you guys that you guys can enjoy my free services that I can provide. But sadly since I’m just using my own PC, there will some changes that I did will need me to restart my own PC. That will make all the available service down for a moment.

Fear not, I’m using SSD for my booting drive. So restarting will only takes about 1 or 2 minutes in worst case. Please avoid from using any download accelerator. I bet my PC won’t last long if you guys keep hammering the links. Be fair, because this is a free service. :D

If you find out that you can’t access this website for a moment, it means that I just restarted my PC for stability purposes. If the server went out for quite long time, the worst case is probably that my living area were gone blackouts (Yeah, the electric service provider for my house is worst here), or the internet for this server is disconnected (Due to worst service given by my ISP), or even other things that I can’t even explain it now like PC went to crash and etc.

So, enjoy the service while you still can. Be patient if the service went out. For faster action taken for me, you guys can report any problem by sending me PMs or just comment in this post. (I’ll might want to open a page for problem reporting after this…)

Well, later guys.