Download : Shingeki no Kyojin OP Single – Jiyuu e no Shingeki


Well this is unplanned. Anyway, I’ve got myself a copy of FLAC version for Shingeki no Kyojin OP! Which I’ll would like to share it to you guys whoever search for it.

As usual, for those who followed up my website, you guys know what to do. For newcomers? Try find it yourself. (LOL COPY PASTE)

Nothing else really. Just got back from a program. Suddenly want to search for it and found it.

Both FLAC and MP3 are ready to download. Just having MP3 for those who ever want to have the MP3 only. Its just a matter of reconverting it.

Anyway…. Enjoy this good stuff! ;)

Download : Shin Sekai Yori ED Single – Wareta Ringo [FLAC][2013]


As I promised. I just found a source for the FLAC version for Shin Sekai Yori endings. Now, it is the time to share to share to the Internet.

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Hitting the Top 3!


Just wow.

I quite curious about what kind of search tags that would lead to this website. It looks like any words with ‘corpse party’, ‘book of shadows’, ’2013′, ‘download’, ‘iso’ in it will lead to my website.

I don’t think that file will hit until to the Top 3 Google Search? This is quite impressive. Well for those who just download it, enjoy it well!

Thanks for the visit guys. Just think that the ISO is a surprise present from me. Haha XD