Let’s start again


Short notice. Will start up previously plan. Sorry for the late. Nothing really. Missing out the fun. What happened to Minecraft server? Will fix it upcoming this new semester. Will have a tight schedule. No messing around probably. Facebook sucks. Will update more when I’m back to my server again.

Later guys

All of the hate

Nothing really. I just want to take a break from Facebook. All the posts in my wall are truly a never ending story.

My hate surely grows from time to time. Let see if I can be more productive than before… NOT!

Anyway, my Minecraft server always open for business although there a decrement in number of active players. *sad* :(

BTW, please who ever did this… Surely I don’t mind. But you actually making yourself dumb and dumber.


Let’s just hope nothing worst will happen in Malaysia.

P/S: Don’t spread this post on the Internet too much or the Police will knock my door without prior notice. Meh ;)

Revived from another world!


I’m back~! From the harsh world named “Reality”. Since right now I’m totally out of ideas on what to post about, let me blog about my 2 weeks of disappearance.

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Crash is a norm


This a short notice about Minecraft EX + Tekkit! II Server status. Well the Minecraft server suddenly crashed and look! I FORGOT TO DO THE BACKUP.

The real story is that I want to create a backup for it at this time. When I started compiling the files, the server crashed. No files were able to be retrieved. All things have been reverted back to normal. There’s nothing I can help here.

Your skins are saved in the other server. So for those who already upload it before, you don’t need to reupload it back. You skin is safe with me in the server. :D

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