Let’s start again


Short notice. Will start up previously plan. Sorry for the late. Nothing really. Missing out the fun. What happened to Minecraft server? Will fix it upcoming this new semester. Will have a tight schedule. No messing around probably. Facebook sucks. Will update more when I’m back to my server again.

Later guys

All of the hate

Nothing really. I just want to take a break from Facebook. All the posts in my wall are truly a never ending story.

My hate surely grows from time to time. Let see if I can be more productive than before… NOT!

Anyway, my Minecraft server always open for business although there a decrement in number of active players. *sad* :(

BTW, please who ever did this… Surely I don’t mind. But you actually making yourself dumb and dumber.


Let’s just hope nothing worst will happen in Malaysia.

P/S: Don’t spread this post on the Internet too much or the Police will knock my door without prior notice. Meh ;)

Hassle Hasselhoff



As you can see now. I’m practically can post more and more updates IF I stop wandering on Facebook.

Even now I’m wondering why Facebook makes me so dumb? Mark Zuckerberg? Please review your site please? What kind of sorcery that you used? Geez

With the new implementation that I stated before. So I’ll announce that torrent will be our major ways to download things from us. While fileserver is still there but with capped speed (No offense here guys).

So it’s official to say this that we’ll ended our support to Mediafire. Any links to any Mediafire will not be posted anymore since this year, Mediafire is a brat.

So thanks for the endless support guys. I really hope that we can share more info and other good stuff in the future and yeah, thanks for the comment replies! That was so helpful to me and to others too! Good job guys. You guys contributed well for this website. I truly appreciate that. :D