Download : Shingeki no Kyojin OP Single – Jiyuu e no Shingeki


Well this is unplanned. Anyway, I’ve got myself a copy of FLAC version for Shingeki no Kyojin OP! Which I’ll would like to share it to you guys whoever search for it.

As usual, for those who followed up my website, you guys know what to do. For newcomers? Try find it yourself. (LOL COPY PASTE)

Nothing else really. Just got back from a program. Suddenly want to search for it and found it.

Both FLAC and MP3 are ready to download. Just having MP3 for those who ever want to have the MP3 only. Its just a matter of reconverting it.

Anyway…. Enjoy this good stuff! ;)

Download : Shin Sekai Yori ED Single – Wareta Ringo [FLAC][2013]


As I promised. I just found a source for the FLAC version for Shin Sekai Yori endings. Now, it is the time to share to share to the Internet.

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Gust of Torrent


What up guys? So I read one from our commenter says that Mediafire’s new way of handling public download by limiting the number of download (per day? idk).

In my deepest heart, I’m truly sorry for what I did just back there. It just that what I know before, Mediafire is the one of the best free download sites that I ever used since 2009. Yes, I’m mentioning about the era of this website newly born. I was using Mediafire since then as the sharing hub to all people who have interest to download collections of my treasures.

So to counter attack that problem, I will create a torrent system for my website. So for each item I placed into the fileserver, I’ll generate a torrent file for you guys to download. Also! With this way, you guys can actually contribute to speed up the download by seeding it! Yes! Why I didn’t think this through before?? (Your Admin is a NOOB)

Anyway, I’m sorry for this mess and lets welcome our new way of sharing things. Probably I’ll rely on torrent more in afterward projects…

Mediafire : Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows [ISO][US] (2013)


As for high demanding for this game. Also for the sake of my server bandwidth. I mirrored the game ISO into Mediafire. So anyone can enjoy it. (Damn it guys? Why you guys didn’t upload it to Mediafire for crying sake?)

Oh yeah. BE SURE TO INVITE MORE FRIENDS TO THIS POST. Not forget to mention that, please? Stop hammering my server. XD

The ISO are split into 6 parts in .RAR. Be sure to install any RAR extractors for those who didn’t know… (Is there anyone who didn’t know WinRAR?)

At least you guys know where do I placed my Mediafire folder links right? That’s the only thing you can actually do. Tracking and sniffing download links. Geez

Anyway, enjoy guys!

UPDATE: The links is up now. I just realized that the ‘Mediafire’ link is broken this morning. Now its working properly. Go and grab yours now! FYI, I spared the download bandwidth for the fileserver to 500KB/s. If you’re lucky to get 500KB/s, which means that you’re the only one who downloading the file. Why I’m doing this? So you guys can go to Mediafire and download there instead. Just that…

UPDATE: Please refer to the comment section below to know why there no more mediafire links provided here. Now you can actually see what’s great to have comments? You’ll bet it is ;)