All of the hate

Nothing really. I just want to take a break from Facebook. All the posts in my wall are truly a never ending story.

My hate surely grows from time to time. Let see if I can be more productive than before… NOT!

Anyway, my Minecraft server always open for business although there a decrement in number of active players. *sad* :(

BTW, please who ever did this… Surely I don’t mind. But you actually making yourself dumb and dumber.


Let’s just hope nothing worst will happen in Malaysia.

P/S: Don’t spread this post on the Internet too much or the Police will knock my door without prior notice. Meh ;)

Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows [US][ISO] (2013)


Hell yes! For 2 days I waited for this, it time to get things done. For those who lucky to find this site, feel free to download it from my file-server. No waiting required.

For those who didn’t know what is this, this is the second installment for Corpse Party. It’s a PSP game, so you need a PSP console in order to play with this. If you guys thought about getting some emulators to run with, I can’t help you there. You guys can find it on the internet but I won’t sure it can play smoothly (Talk about emulation).

Corpse Party Book Of Shadows Download

One more thing, the download is still ongoing. So you guys need to wait before you can download the ISO from my file-server.

The wait is over, go and download it now! :D

UPDATE: For those who downloaded via my site, thank you for your support. Just that be sure to share to your friends by yourself without using my links so that the bandwidth can be use for others who didn’t have any ways to obtain the game. You guys also can post mirror links in the comment sections too if you want to contribute. Thanks and come again for more info!

MORE UPDATE: Please use the Mediafire links for better downloading. At least everyone can enjoy better download speed compared to my humble server speed and bandwidth.

Get it here