Skin Server tested out!


As promised. I said I’ll do it right? So this is the fruits of labor for Minecraft projects.


Like what you have seen here, I manage myself to alter the JAVA source codes. Right now I tested it out just with my server. It works flawlessly as what a skin server must do. Login and you have your selected skin applied.

What’s surprised myself is that I able to do it, WITHOUT HAVING ATTEND INTO MY OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING CLASS. Well probably the codes are easily understandable for me and also my hunch got hit with luck. That was a nice start for my special semester! :D

With some tweaks and adding more line of codes into the Minecraft source code, I succeeded injected interrupting code to allow the Minecraft client to collect data from my server instead.

In other words as I can say now, this is the 1st time I meddling with Java (not Javascript, lulz) and also my first MOD for Minecraft. :D :D

So guys? Are you guys thrilled to play Minecraft now? You can have your own selected skin to play with! Yeah, I bet this will change a bit of the mood in the server afterwards.

I dug more into the codes and I found out that there’s also Capes/Cloaks that players also can use as an add-on accessory. I’ll try my best to test it out for it too. Sure this will take the time to complete. All the time I need is to do some researching before I can proceed with alter its codes.

As for now, there’s no plans for adding it for the HEXED server, yet. Its just because I planned it for the next upcoming server and I don’t want to deal with bugs too early that will delay all my progressing works. I hope you guys can understand that… Yeah?

Later guys, don’t forget to keep up with my updates!

P/S: It’s awesome to have our own preferred skin isn’t it? ;)

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