Revived from another world!


I’m back~! From the harsh world named “Reality”. Since right now I’m totally out of ideas on what to post about, let me blog about my 2 weeks of disappearance.

So where to start…? Well my College of course! That place surely gives me the pressure above 500 KPa in my head. Curses

Its all about videos. Video here, video there. Hell, like I enjoyed it. But yeah, I’m quite impressed to myself about how in the world I can produce 3 videos in just a month. Sure its one a hell of a ride but it sure sharpen my video editing skills. Paid off? Probably…

Probably not? Because I just lost my sense of sleeping today. You bet cha’. 2 days without proper sleep is quite cool enough. My workspace are cluttered with energy drinks, energy bars and Oreo’s packets. I even take down Double, Triple, Quad shots of Espresso from Starbucks to assist me on the hellish day and night of non-stop working action.

At least with all of that, I need to upgrade my computer. It’s done. From Quad-core processor to Eight-core/Octa-core? *weird* Well that sure helps me finish the job faster than before.

32GB with 1866MHz of DDR3 RAMs surely give me space to do more work at its best. Just not for long, I can see all my 32GB of RAM has been used up solely for video rendering. Even my 8GB of RAM before takes me about 2 years after upgrade to see it being fully used.

As a reminder for me to be sure that I remember afterwards, I would not forget the moment of last crucial video editing moment, that damned TNB has cut off my power supplies just merely to fulfill their half-assed duty works. I remember your kindness TNB and I’ll sure pay to you guys, IN CASH!

So right now I’m a freemen without any assignment. Oh wait… Wow, wait a minute!

To my friend who assist me on completing not just one but TWO assignment that I didn’t contribute any effort into it. I barely see what is the content or any about it. So thanks guys! That really safe my ass for this whole 2 weeks.

With all the hassle, I still can manage myself to complete 2 game titles which is Crysis 3 and the new Tomb Raider in this 1 month of business. Both games are nice in graphically and story plots as well. Some may say it’s so linear, but hey? At least its unique! Not just being some random warfare soldiers and shoot anything you see fit. BAH

One of my friends told me that I lost some serious weights on the time I went for my classes. Man… seriously? So a good heavy burden assignments for 2 weeks lose me some weight? Wow I need to ask more for this then? NO

About Minecraft… I thought I promised to update it to the latest version available. Sorry guys, that might take some more time. Servers going up and down for these 2 weeks because of the video editing. Free stuffs doesn’t come cheap nowadays right? Heh

So right now, I kinda laid back again. Hopefully I can update more afterwards… See ya next time guys. I’m going to finish my unsettled and jumbled up ‘unwatched anime’ list that been stalled 2 weeks straight. Boy I’m in debt enough with this. Here’s a Wafu for a treat.


Eh? This reminds me of AnoHana (as I typing to this). Anyway, thats all about my 2 weeks of disappearance. Stay tune for more info and cool updates.

P/S: Heck, I just realized that this 2 weeks upcoming is my final exams…

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