Say hello to my 2nd PC. Technically, I can say it kinda awesome to have this kind of setup once in a time… Well this is actually my first time setup this kinda ghetto appearance. With wires jumbled around the motherboard, graphic card stood up…. Feels just wow.

This kinda short post actually, right now I’m using my 500GB HDD from my Asus EEE Pc 1215B for this and swapped with my external HDD which is 320GB. Well nothing much to tell about the specs because it actually the same PC that I used before, just having different parts being used like PSU and HDD. Mind the casing too.. XD

Main reason? Well I’m thinking that I would like to transfer all my servers into this PC. But I kinda ran to wall and cry with dilemma. Should I do it for a server, or should I do it for my portable PC? Can’t decide here. Well depends on the budget though. I need to think it through to make sure that I won’t do any unnecessary changes to it because maintaining a server is kinda hassle you know? While there’s 3 – 5 server that I did run in my primary PC, you just…. Think all of that extra work…

This is a non-serious info. So take it as my personal blog too. Since the website didn’t updated so much (Minecraft? Yep, been long time I left the project untouched), so I think a personal story or two from me might kinda handy on this time.

Later guys.

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