RAMDisk – Unreliable

ramdisk useless

Yes. Then I’ll stop supporting this software. A total waste of time.

What I want to update here is that RAMDisk being the primary problem on the crashing. All of my RAMs have reported that there some miscalculation happened in the RAM causing my whole system going  into corruption.

This is not the first time I got the problem. There are few times before this (EX + Tekkit! II) that occurs the same problem. Which is that the my system is unresponsive but didn’t crashed. Well I’m not going into the technical parts for today. But I you guys are interested to hear about RAMDisk, you can clearly ask me again for the info. :D

For EX + Tekkit! II now, the server will running on my super busy HDD again (its the usual HDD that I use for HEXED). There’s is no plan for using my SSD for the server, yet. But if someone willing to throw me a new SSD. I’ll be delightful to do so. Hah

Any lags probably caused from the HDD loading time. Then the server will reverted from the last state it done autosaving. I can’t do anything about this. Be grateful that the most recent backup didn’t corrupted.

Well this is the last time I’ll rely on the software again. So for those who seek the stability using RAMDisk, this is the result having it running like a workstation setup.

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