Pre-2014 Updates


So just to be sure that, I’m totally going to a hellish days, weeks and months from last day I posted until the end of January 2014 (As the time of typing this)

Some of my wishlist that I want to accomplish. Probably can finish all of this in H1 2014. Probably…

  1. Complete my Final Year Project Report
  2. Complete the data mining for Trip to Japan proposal
  3. Studying for final (Yeay, its my final years. A one and a half semester to go!)
  4. Un-broke myself
  5. Get a job
  6. Try to make a stable Minecraft
  7. Make the Minecraft Server running inside my 2nd PC
  8. Try to finish watching all my backlogged anime that has been stacked quite long enough
  9. Try to finish play all my backlogged games/eroge that has been stacked quite long enough
  10. Finish up my Pokemon X (At least for the leagues)
  11. Managing my PC files. (Being procrastinating this since 2010)

Just to be sure, for those who still up into this website. I’m truly sorry for the lack of contents and humors. Since I’m the only one who both manage and author the web. Also thanks for all of your supports. Either you just got into here and leech some files from my server, registering into my website or even comment into it, I really appreciate that. It feels like my half-ass work did paid off and help someone in the Internet.

For those who still into the Minecraft. I still won’t drop it. But don’t expect it to be out too A.S.A.P. At least the project didn’t drop out yet… Probably? No? Urgh, I can’t be sure right now.

Just, accept what as it is ok? Someday I will complete the Minecraft project…

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