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So this currently my first update for my Minecraft project status. So right now I’m kind on hitting the wall now since Minecraft already reach to the version of Minecraft 1.4.7.

So right now, I quite unsure what to do and I quite to understand the feelings for those Modders that developing and providing better experience with Minecraft.

So since they upgraded the version to 1.4.7, lots of more addons were added into it. Likewise as before, there’s a huge differences between 1.2.5 and 1.4.5 while disregarding the MODs (Yeah).

I tried to release the skin server and mods for it for the version 1.4.5 but since there’s an upgrade for it, it kinda waste to start it on older version.

Well I’m no expert about this and I can’t simply produce something that I even don’t do it before. Well for the moment, I’ll stop developing the Minecraft Skin Server for a while.

So the status for Minecraft Skin Server will placed on ‘Decayed’. Which means, I’ll stop it for a while, if I can I’ll continue it, if possibility are low then I’ll let it dead.

But right now as I checked the Tekkit website, I found out that they are moving into Minecraft 1.4.7 with MODs added into it. It’s still unstable but I’ll try my best to gain their info and knowledge to support this server.

So right now. I’m wondering that ALICE server has done its purpose. The motive on having ALICE is for testing my PC if it capable enough to handle 2 different servers at a time. So I’ll found out that my PC quite stable running with those two servers simultaneously. Well at least for now since I’m running Vanilla server will probably won’t do any harm to my PC.While having ALICE also give you guys to use the server as your planning and testing ground for your engineering designs.

My hands quite full right now. Right now with the website is up, I need to maintain it first before I can start anything serious. All workings will be done when I’m at my PC. (Remote desktop working sucks. I have bad experience editing my family photos with Photoshop that in my server remotely from my hometown)

So there’s nothing more to say here. I’ll try to manage this website first before I’ll get into my Special Semester. Right now I’m planning to divide the post into 2, which means all Minecraft posting will be visible on Minecraft page. But I don’t know WordPress much (lol noob), so lots of try and error need to be done here. As usual, you guys can simply ignore me while I’m alone dealing with this nonsence stress.

Since Tekkit already moved into Minecraft 1.4.7. I’ll also ‘decaying’ the revival of ‘EX + Tekkit! R5a’. Also all info about project status will be placed on the Minecraft page. So if anything you guys want to know, just visit the Minecraft dedicated page.

Sorry for ‘decaying’ some of my minecraft project. I thought it useless to develop something that its version is already outdated. I’ll catch up you guys later.

2 thoughts on “What in the world

  1. i personally do intrigued by the mods instead of minecraft after i played SSP on vanilla before with my comrades =D
    This might be a good news to me xD
    i know there’s a darn lots of problems adding and installing mods without compatibility issue with all these constant updates from damned mojang…
    i don’t do programming so, of course, won’t be able to understand java…
    thats why even modding an SMP server on LAN to play with my comrades can be quite a pain in d*ck somehow. and they’re freaking time consuming to JUST update those mods, hell, some modders even too lazy to update their mods to some version of minecraft…

    but anyway i really hope that most of the mods from the EX tekkit would be included on latest server =D

    • yeah, tekkit does give our brain some work to do at least. but right now i’m curious whether i need to wait for new API release which is the Redstone Update 1.5.0 or not.

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