Minecraft RAD UPDATE5


With enough sleep and motivation. Some essential mods has been added into it. Hey? I’m done here. There’s nothing much of mods that useful enough to be add into at this moment.

First of all. We need maps. So we add one. (Why do I use ‘we’ instead ‘I’ or ‘me’?, it not like there’s more than 2 person who making this update really…)



Then? We add the recipes table. Everyone can’t live without one. Even in real life.NEI


Next? We add the mAtmos. Giving the best HD surround environment sounds like everyday life.

matmos matmos2


WHAT? Do you expect the image will give you sound? Seriously? What kind of smoke did you take before huh?

With more words! We give you cookies! Yep, virtual cookies. Go check yourself in the “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp”. If you got it, be sure to share with everyone!

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