Minecraft RAD UPDATE1


RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. Well it just a fancy name to call the way to update your application in System Analysis and Design world. Anyway lets get into the main point. The actual Minecraft!

First of all? ITS FINALLY CRACKED. With some understanding basic work of patches and etc etc skill of download and testing. The Minecraft 1.6.2 are cracked.

The old crack will not work because the Minecraft 1.6.2 are introducing a new set of handling files. They will not rely on single “minecraft.jar” instead they make it into version named like “1.5.2.jar” or “1.6.2.jar” and so on. This probably good since we can have multiple mincraft version cab be ran without having to backup-replace-repatch what we needed.

The profiling function also working as what we “as the developers” wanted. We can transparently change the version of minecraft we want on-the-go. Which means, if you want to play ‘Vanilla Minecraft’, just select Default Profile, and you are good to go play Minecraft with free of mods. Instead if you want to play Modded Minecraft later, go on select your modded profile, and you are best equipped with the mods that suitable with your selected servers in your list.

The best part for the profiling is that even the server have different version of Minecraft, you can set which profile will use your preferred Minecraft version! YES WITHOUT HAVING TO REINSTALL OR REPATCH ALL THOSE THINGS WE DONE BEFORE!!

If you tried to update using the ‘old crack’ of Minecraft, you’ll will stumbled across this message if you’ve done your ‘Forced Update’.


It won’t allow you to update until you use the ‘Newer launcher’ that were provided by Mojang. But thats the trick part!

If the ‘non-Premium users’ or so called ‘player who didn’t buy Minecraft’ will not able to play the game, literally. Why? The launcher serves the mechanism. When it detects a ‘Premium account’ then it will start to download the latest Minecraft which is for now its 1.6.2.

If its not? Then it start to download a lesser-version of Minecraft 1.6.2 which is the DEMO version of the latest Minecraft which is now its 1.6.2. Thats…. harsh.

Then so called this launcher can actually emulate the client-server checking by redirecting all the information back to the crack-launcher to be replied. So the ‘crack-launcher’ can be used to reply a true-positive fake information to the game thus making the game playable for Full Version.

Thus… This is what its looks like!


P/S: Just note on the version for both main menu image I provided above. After cracking it, I finally got into the actual latest version which its currently now. :D

With more words? Later!

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