Mediafire : Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows [ISO][US] (2013)


As for high demanding for this game. Also for the sake of my server bandwidth. I mirrored the game ISO into Mediafire. So anyone can enjoy it. (Damn it guys? Why you guys didn’t upload it to Mediafire for crying sake?)

Oh yeah. BE SURE TO INVITE MORE FRIENDS TO THIS POST. Not forget to mention that, please? Stop hammering my server. XD

The ISO are split into 6 parts in .RAR. Be sure to install any RAR extractors for those who didn’t know… (Is there anyone who didn’t know WinRAR?)

At least you guys know where do I placed my Mediafire folder links right? That’s the only thing you can actually do. Tracking and sniffing download links. Geez

Anyway, enjoy guys!

UPDATE: The links is up now. I just realized that the ‘Mediafire’ link is broken this morning. Now its working properly. Go and grab yours now! FYI, I spared the download bandwidth for the fileserver to 500KB/s. If you’re lucky to get 500KB/s, which means that you’re the only one who downloading the file. Why I’m doing this? So you guys can go to Mediafire and download there instead. Just that…

UPDATE: Please refer to the comment section below to know why there no more mediafire links provided here. Now you can actually see what’s great to have comments? You’ll bet it is ;)

26 thoughts on “Mediafire : Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows [ISO][US] (2013)

      • Thank you very much
        im just havin one problem
        the game stops after i get to the opening of the game, giving a very brief piece of it(audio only) and freezes
        is this meant for JUST a PSP rather than an emulator?

        • well… here’s some of my idea.

          you said by ‘this meant for just a PSP rather than an emulator?’
          == what i understand the situation here is that you are using emulator to play PSP?
          == if you do then this ISO should work as it is regardless using emulator or not.

          the games stopped after you getting into the opening of the game?
          == i tried this game’s ISO into both of my PSP (yea, i got a PSP3000 and a PSP-Go)
          == there’s no problem on running the game so far and i managed to played it well

          i didn’t test it out on emulator.
          == i didn’t even tried it out on any PSP Emulator.
          == from my experience on emulator, i can guess its all caused by incompatibility.
          == most of emulator can’t do exactly what a real console do. regardless your PC is powerful enough to handle. :D
          == i’m quite experienced into this because I have tried PS2 Emulator (PCSX2) which have the same problem

          (if my guessing is right)
          So what you can do? try to search for compatibility list for your emulator or try to change to other emulator and see if they can run the game. but seriously, the game works so well in actual PSP console.

          (if my guessing is wrong and you’re using an actual PSP)
          then probably your firmware didn’t compatible with the game?

          i can help as much as i can if you can provide me more details about your problems. and sorry for the late reply because i got class to attend and my time zone is in GMT+8.


          • i apologize if i didnt sound too clear but your analysis was very helpful! ill try other emulators, but i doubt theyll work as well as my current one.
            i guess if all else fails ill have to find a working psp(go) and use the game on there. im aware ill need to download custom firmware and what not. when i have enough for a Vita ill be buying both corpse party games however, in order to support xseed and junk

            Thanks once again!

  1. Sorry to bother you aXis, but I downloaded Corpse party repeated fear .cso via your Fileserver and ran into a problem. When I loaded the game up into an Emulator I got a notification: No System Data found on current storage media. Continue anyway? When you select the yes option the game starts up and goes through around three of the company logos and then freezes. I was wondering if you had a solution to this problem or if it was just user error on my hand (and lets be honest it probably is hahah). If you can think of anything I’d be glad to take suggestions, but if its a little too late coming here two years later I understand hahah. Thanks for taking your time to read this and if anyone could help that’d be great hahahah.

    • Well I’m not sure by that. Since you were reporting about it, I already tried it on the latest version of PPSSPP which is v1.1.1 and it works fine. So my hunch is either your .CSO file is corrupted (hence need to be redownload), or the PSP Emulator that you have didn’t support the game yet (Yes this is an issue, emulating game aren’t that easy TBH) thus you need to download newer PSP Emulator.

      Here the link to cut your chase.

      Feel free to ask me (expect slow and late reply tho) :D

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