Malicious IP


Seriously guys? DON’T MAKE ME TRACE YOU.


Even though its not accurate. But I do have logic to trace you well. BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT THIS.


The easiest way is by tracing your internet username for your internet connections. Then things will make more dirtier afterwards.


Since it’s under TM, I quite fond with their system framework. Please? Please stop doing the things that you don’t supposed to do so. Don’t make me BAN all IP and I’ll start DDOS all the router’s route for all the IP in that state.

If I do that, probably all people in that region will lost internet connection. Seriously. Don’t make your fault causes all people to suffer.


So right now, I’m quite a diplomatic person. I know that some of you guys were curious on what I can do, what do I have and how secure my system was.

You know why I didn’t reinforce too much security to my system? Just because I trust all visitors and users that were using some of my services. I’m not being naive. I just don’t want to deal with too much hassle on configuring firewall and such. I know some people will bluntly blame myself about not being highly protective to my own server.

But if I do, then won’t that be like I’m labeling all people who want to access my server is a deviant? Means all users who access, play games in my server are all culprits? I’m not that kind of person and I know you guys also not the type of that kind of person!

Why people simply abuse trusts…

I’ll stop here. Please think this through.

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