Little Busters! Refrain


If you already watched the last episode of Little Busters, then you’ll think that it is the most balance ending you can get from an anime. Say your prayers because the last few frames show us that it won’t end. Like I said, IT WON’T.

I’ll be brief, so there will be a second season. Yay? No. From this line, if you didn’t want wretched, spiked and unbalanced emotion changes, step back and drop the second season. Seriously, Refrain is not the kinda thing that people can do tolerate, normally. Aw come on! This is KEY! REMEMBER??

Lastly what spooks me SO MUCH that, I’ve been waiting for it to come early as possible… But in the end the whole SEASON IS A PROLOGUE! So they take this thing kinda serious IMO. FYI, Clannad kills me from anime first, then it kills me again in their game afterwards. Then Little Busters come afterwards. The game killed me first, and most likely the anime will kill me afterwards. TRUE

So why I’m so afraid of? No save files, you messing with time, crafted with Clannad-like killing machine, superb multiple endings, AND you can enjoy it in a single SEASON. If KEY play it nice, probably 13 episode can explain everything in Refrain, but if they follow their normal 26 episode of single season… There’s HELL for you.

P/S: I smiled when I saw the ending with OP songs…. As I know that something were something unexplained yet to be elaborate… I thought they will use the last 45 sec of ending to explain it… Well I guess I wrong… And there goes the second season logo popped in front of me…. *MIND BREAK*

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