HEXED and ALICE Status

yui-pillowAs what I said in the title, this is just a post to inform you guys about what will happen to HEXED and ALICE server that running Minecraft 1.4.5.

For HEXED server, I will put it into Hibernation state when the new upcoming ‘Tekkit-like’ server up and running. Hibernation state which means that, I won’t delete the maps or data in it.

Also I would like to make HEXED server will be the my primary Vanilla server for PutraHeights Minecraft. Which means I won’t do harm to the server either edit it or test it with Mods or similar to it. So your item will be exactly as you left it like on your last played time.

This give flexibility to players for not need to restart all the things again in the future updates (For instance like the upcoming Minecraft 1.5 and above). Which also tell you guys that I will not generate any new maps for the Vanilla server. Until the time comes when it is appropriate to do so.

ALICE server will be shutdown for good since the purpose of having that server is fulfilled. Shutdown is meant by deletion of configurations and others related to it.

For ALICE server, the map will be deleted IF NO ONE REFUSE TO SAY SO. Because the server was online to test out the capability of my PC. Then I use it for myself to test out how to do multiple simultaneous server configuration. I repeat. I’ll delete the map if nobody stops me from doing so.

Similar to HEXED, ALICE server also will be updated to the latest version of Minecraft and also immune from Mods. But I’m quite unsure whether ALICE-like server is necessary to be online or not. I’ll wait for more info from you guys after this and decide whether it is needed or not. (Because Creative Mode server is not my forte)

More updates will be posted later.

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