Good things, Bad things.


So ever since I’ve open up the server for this game called as Minecraft, I’ve been tortured with a lot of pain of fail and success due to is uncomprehensive manners. Thus, it makes me want to write this problem.

First, there is Minecraft 1.6.2. What’s inside? Horses, ponies, stallions, ferraries… you name it. Should we play it? Of course if you smart enough to ride one. But this is not the problem! Main thing for this problem is that… The ‘Minecraft’ has updated its security modules. Yep, right now you can’t play it using the old cracked launcher. It will not work. Trust me.

[NO. It will work, but to the max version of Minecraft 1.5.2 only. If you want to go for update, it just won't work regardless you 'Force Update' it, it stills start with version 1.5.2 if you are using the old file ones.]

I can still work out for the crack for this thing first. Later I’ll update to you guys for the things that need to be done in order to play Minecraft 1.6.2.

Then all the API are changed to what they want to. Yes, I was hoping this will give the flexibility for modding and stuff. It is, and I need to create my SkinMod starting from scratch again. Which makes my previous effort futile!

[NO. It's isn't 100% futile. But still, time to re-modding again will take up again. But still, this repeating process are so so big of hassle to me.]

Aside from re-modding, installing and testing out the mods also probably consume my energy and effort too. I… Don’t know how to say about this yet… Sure this will take some time… But yeah… I didn’t expect this will be too hard to maintain after the 1.6.2 updates but… sheesh, this is seriously screwed up.

I’ll probably update A.S.A.P when I tried numerous of things with the server and the client of this hilarious yet sadism Minecraft 1.6.2.

Let’s hope that I didn’t died from this updating process… Sure, like you would care right?

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