EX + Tekkit! II

EX Tekkit II

So the name has officially picked! I would love to use the old name EX + Tekkit! that we used to play before. As the title given, I named my next Modded Server as EX + Tekkit! II. I like it because it reminds me of our first time dealing with new mods, quarrels with friends, creativeness overloading and lots of dramas going on in Shin-Sekai.

The server will follow up like HEXED server. Which means its a ‘Largebiome’ generation. Then the difficulty will be set on the hardest level that the server has in its shelf. It will based on MC 1.4.7 which currently the latest version of Minecraft that we can have for now.

For the upcoming MC 1.5.0 (Redstone Update), I hope that they take their time to release it as it is a new API for the game itself (as they said). Like what happened in previous EX + Tekkit!, we can’t migrate the server from MC 1.2.5 to MC 1.3.2. I hope mods developers will come through a solution for this kind of problem on upcoming upgrades from MC 1.4.7 to MC 1.5.0.

How about the mods that will be installed? Well for the time, I hope I can manage to fit most of previous mods that I last installed in EX + Tekkit! R5a. But you know, some mods won’t be available yet, some of them are incompatible with the current version of Minecraft, also some of them has stopped working on their mods for good.

MC 1.4.7 Forge

Now I’ll be depending on the Tekkit Lite update and upgrade movements like what I do before. Which means all the cool stuff in Tekkit Lite will be added also into this server. I want to remind to you guys that EE3 which stands for EquivalentExchange 3 Mods, won’t be added in this early version, yet.

I probably add it or won’t add it in the future. It depends on the needs. But EE3 mods are too powerful that can make the game so unbalanced. 89% of my thoughts says that EE3 won’t be needed for my server. The other percentage is depends on the future needs.

I’m no Chuck Norris here. So you won’t see this release A.S.A.P in this month or on March. It just that right now I’m in my Special Semester. All my lecturers on first class in the first week of study has given me tons of assignments to do. Most of it are video productions and etc. The rest are research and paperwork that need to be submitted BEFORE END OF MARCH.

REMINDER, I’m working alone you know? There no gremlins, elves, Doraemon or any assistant for my work. Whats cool enough that all of my work are still in free-of-charges. Wow, where you guys can get kind of service in Malaysia. *pffft*

Well I’ll stop here first. I’ll update more later on time to time.


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