EX + Tekkit! II Released!


The time has come. Stick on your chair now and prepare for the impact!

As promised. The server and client configuration are completed. Now I need my rest.

Then how to play? Refer to the Manual section.

For starters, it’s recommended to use the Fresh Installation if this is your first time installing EX + Tekkit! II. Because I know some of you guys will accidentally messed up things.

Bugs? Report. Problems? Report.

Nothing else. Seriously I need my sleep…

UPDATE: I still can’t get my sleep yet.


It appears that my first map-seed is quite unreasonable to be use. Why? Get a load of this.

5K x 5K of single biome island. You need other biomes? Surf for another 5-7K for a new island with a single biome. In the other hand, the map is ‘Large Biome’ too! How the hell I can stand to this? So do you.

So the map reseeded again. Probably hoping that no similar problems happen again after this…

2nd image is the new Player Spawner

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Drag the Foot to the circle on the side.Touch the Foot to move it to the circle on the side.


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