EX + Tekkit! II Rabid Update


Time to visualize this.

After harsh try and error testing, I finally reached Release Candidate 1/RC1 stage. There’s a lot of things that makes me finally understands ‘Minecraft’ infrastructure. It was a hell, but fun when it can be completed.

So today’s update will be on info about what will you see in EX + Tekkit! II. First of all, its about the Mods. So with all 4 days starting from 6th February to 10th February non-stop progressing on this thing, I’ll found out there are 4 mods that were not updated or incompatible with the server’s configuration.

Here’s the list:

  • Mo’Creatures
  • IC2 Charcoal Dust
  • Smart Move
  • CampCraft

Wait? You asking about what Mods did I add? Well actually as you read EX + Tekkit! II, its a second season of the series! Now what I mean is that I tried to make it as the same as previous EX + Tekkit! R5a. In other word, this upcoming server will have almost the same as EX + Tekkit! R5a but exclude those mods on the list above.

About the problems that I can’t deal with. Mo’Creatures would like me to use older version of server, so its their fault not to update their Mods to the latest version.

IC2 Charcoal Dust has been left out since MC 1.2.5. They didn’t update it. I wonder they simply insert it into IC2?

Smart Move is a smart one. They want me to use A SPECIFIC VERSION of server in order for it to work. Well since I don’t follow anyone orders, so I’ll wait for their update. Bear with it.

CampCraft is also one of the mod has been left since MC 1.4.2. I’ll try to wait for its newer release. If they planned to do so.

Here a screenshot for the game menu.


Bet you read those 48 MODS LOADED!

Aside from that, I tried to create my own Installers… Yes it will be in (.exe) file. So probably I won’t install it in [%APPDATA%\.minecraft]. So you guys can still enjoy your Vanilla minecraft whenever you prefer.

UPDATE: I can’t do it, because I totally forgot that Minecraft Launchers only reads and writes files only in [%APPDATA%\.minecraft]. So if I want to do it, I need to Mod the Launcher itself. This probably my future planned project. But I can’t totally 100% sure I’ll do it later.

Well that’s for Windows user in exact. I know that I got a Mac user in the community. Don’t worry, I’ll also releasing the manual patching for those who needs it. But I don’t make any promise for this yet. Finger crossed.

Expect this upcoming server online next week!

P/S: My assignment still not in progress. How the hell I can relax to work on this?

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