Engineer with a Scalpel – Surgeon Simulator 2013


What’s up guys? So for my today’s post, I’m going to share a game for you guys to try it out. This game called as Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Some short info. Doesn’t require too much GPU power, so I take a guess that it should work on modern PC on these days. Uses UNITY game engine which is an open-source engine that use OpenGL, so probably it doesn’t use DirectX 11 or such.


Some summary from me after try it out.

  • Its cool. Well its kinda entertaining. Does kill your nerve a little bit.
  • I failed hard on Heart Transplant. *heartless*
  • Two Kidney Transplant is so-so. (This is IRONY when you got kidney stone once before like me)
  • And unexpectedly PRO at Brain Transplant. For mind control of course! (Be One With Yuri)

Graphics was OK for me. I don’t know about you, but sure its better than Minecraft! For this, you can download it from my Fileserver if you sickly lazy enough to search the torrents. The files are just need to be extracted anywhere and you are ready to play.

One thing to say.

Doctors! Don’t videotape patients while you doing your operation! Let down your camcorder and start working with two hands!

I won’t be pleased to see this went viral in 2013. Doctors do operation single-handed while recording. *pffft*

Anyway, lets enjoy the game while its still didn’t bore us. :D

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