Download : Shin Sekai Yori ED Single – Wareta Ringo [MP3][2013]


Are you a fan? Are you watching Shin Sekai Yori? THEN THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL FOR YOU GUYS.

Seriously! A whole season! I been waiting for the whole season for this album to be surface! Wow, I just being too over excited now.

But yeah, I’m been lurking in the Internet and found out that the album will release this 25th January. But hey! I found it on the ground when I take some walk in the Internet. So it’s mine right?

So would like to share this joy with other fans of Shin Sekai Yori. Its been one of my top anime that suits with my taste. Deep yet enjoyable. Don’t cha think? Sadly what I found is only the MP3 version. I’ll try my best to keep searching for lossless like FLAC if you’re an audiophile like me! XD

Keep updated with my website. I’ll update a new post for the FLAC version. I can feel my cantus now!

Skip this endless praising and raging. You guys can download it now. Search in my fileserver. Either direct download or torrent it, depends on your liking. But I warn you guys earlier, my fileserver has small bandwidth so bear with it if you like direct downloads! Don’t forget to seeds!


UPDATE: Sorry for those who see the original post that keep changing. I just want to be sure that this post hit the SEO standards. Anyway, thanks for your visit! :P

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