Crash is a norm


This a short notice about Minecraft EX + Tekkit! II Server status. Well the Minecraft server suddenly crashed and look! I FORGOT TO DO THE BACKUP.

The real story is that I want to create a backup for it at this time. When I started compiling the files, the server crashed. No files were able to be retrieved. All things have been reverted back to normal. There’s nothing I can help here.

Your skins are saved in the other server. So for those who already upload it before, you don’t need to reupload it back. You skin is safe with me in the server. :D

Also please? Its not I’m being discriminate or anything. But if you look back into our/my history. We played this game in our home. We played it as a Multiplayer games for fun. Then I took it to another level by make it Online in the Internet. It was a huge success for me back then.

For short, I would like to have my own party members alongside with me in the game. I know this is a selfish request. But my friends and I were fond enough to understand each others in games. So it also means that we understood and care each one of us equally.

Why this is happening and this story are surfaced up? This is because some conflicts happen in the game just before this server crashed. It started from a ‘new player’ who joined and suddenly reach to our ‘best spot’ and recklessly builds without permission. I assume good toleration brings better outcome but it isn’t.

This is not part of my own. You hurt me and you hurt all of my friends feeling in the game. (We are human. We’re no robots playing games darn it). So be careful on what your doings in the game. Sure this is just a game, but you know Minecraft is an intense creativity game? Which took your most of time to play and create things? Yep, anyone who played it will sure know how it feels right.

So a person, arrived into our area and build without asking opinions from us. While that area that we planned to use it for other purpose were stopped due to his fault? I might rage too. But I still can control it most of the time, but not for my friends here. They are trigger happy.

As they still fits and follow the rules in the game:

[1] Respect other players in here
[2] Grieving is not necessary
[3] Have some common sense
[4] Be civilized!
[5] Please don’t simply ask for adding mods. I, as The Owner had lots of things to do
[6] Adding mods is extreamly painful sometimes even more painful is by having bugs than succession. But discussion about mods is allowed
[7] Stop testing all the unauthorized commands. Seriously, you guys looks really desperate. Also, your name appearing with the ‘unauthorized error’ are not the things I like to watch in this console.

Everyone respect everyone here. But if someones disobey it. Well its quite unethical thing (Regardless this is a game) since it will reflect your attitude IRL. Grieving is not necessary, but it doesn’t say ‘REVENGE’.

So lets stop here. I hope this new start will solve all the problem back. Trade all things as equals now. No need to fight. Act like nothing has happened before. You seek respect from us and we give respect to you and vice-versa.

Its not that I wish some ‘pity’ or ‘fury’ or even ‘agony’ from you guys. But yeah, its good to follow some rules that benefits both of parties. I’m not a bias person in this kind of things.

Its good to have some conflicts. So people will know what’s their mistake has they done before. Lets hope this kind of problem didn’t rise again.

I hope we can play games in much better mood yeah?

Sincerely from:

You’re sleepless, Admin

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