Download : Shin Sekai Yori ED Single – Wareta Ringo [FLAC][2013]


As I promised. I just found a source for the FLAC version for Shin Sekai Yori endings. Now, it is the time to share to share to the Internet.

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Gust of Torrent


What up guys? So I read one from our commenter says that Mediafire’s new way of handling public download by limiting the number of download (per day? idk).

In my deepest heart, I’m truly sorry for what I did just back there. It just that what I know before, Mediafire is the one of the best free download sites that I ever used since 2009. Yes, I’m mentioning about the era of this website newly born. I was using Mediafire since then as the sharing hub to all people who have interest to download collections of my treasures.

So to counter attack that problem, I will create a torrent system for my website. So for each item I placed into the fileserver, I’ll generate a torrent file for you guys to download. Also! With this way, you guys can actually contribute to speed up the download by seeding it! Yes! Why I didn’t think this through before?? (Your Admin is a NOOB)

Anyway, I’m sorry for this mess and lets welcome our new way of sharing things. Probably I’ll rely on torrent more in afterward projects…