AMD 2013 Tablet – Worth of the wait?

The upcoming AMD Temash tablet which is rumored to be equipped with AMD A6-1450 1.0GHz (1.4GHz Turbo) Quad-Core Processor which is quite substantially an overkill processor for such days. Reminding you guys that this is a x86 (Not sure if its x86-64) Processor. Which means its a originally a desktop/laptop processor with less power and heat.

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Revived from another world!


I’m back~! From the harsh world named “Reality”. Since right now I’m totally out of ideas on what to post about, let me blog about my 2 weeks of disappearance.

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Netbook Review – AMD Fusion C50/C30 & Intel Atom N550

People who like Intel Atom which provides us the maximum portability on netbook. Even I have those Intel Atom, but what’s make me cry is about its lack of power in decoding H.264.

Yup, although I’m a fan of AMD chips but on that time Intel amused me on their tech on the smallest processor that they build specific for netbook. So the first netbook released with Intel Atom that I can see is the Acer Aspire One (AAO).

Yup, its light, mobile, and battery last longer than normal notebooks does. But I repeat again, they lack more on performance. It can’t do playback 1080p either streaming on Youtube, or media file.

No whining around here, what been bought have been bought. I can’t change the fact. So, I use my AAO normally for browsing the net on the go.

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