Revived from another world!


I’m back~! From the harsh world named “Reality”. Since right now I’m totally out of ideas on what to post about, let me blog about my 2 weeks of disappearance.

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Download : Shin Sekai Yori ED Single – Wareta Ringo [FLAC][2013]


As I promised. I just found a source for the FLAC version for Shin Sekai Yori endings. Now, it is the time to share to share to the Internet.

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Fired up


Since I’m a dumb person before, who actually thinks that “I can manage more than 2 sites, which the primary is for information and the other is for my personal blogging”. Well hate to tell this that, BOTH ARE INFORMATION. So I don’t know what am I thinking before about having 2 different sites to separate it…

So right now, when I got nothing to do, I’ll might try to update some info and reviews about anime and sort of. In my previous life blog, I tend to do this before but I stopped because no one would actually care about it. Well hey? I got my own server for publishing, so I didn’t even care if there’s anyone who want to read or not. Haha! ( T ^T)