AMD FX-8350 vs Intel Core i7 3770K

This the stuff that I want to show you guys. At last, some of non-bias review that I found on Youtube. (It’s in Portuguese, and I know it)

A side-by-side real time benchmarking. This is what I’m looking for. I’m been an Intel user before I changed to AMD build. As far as I can tell, both AMD and Intel make a good job making processors.

Although I can simply say that Intel is much better due to its compatibility support for hardware and software. Also they have better years of experience dealing with computer architectures when compared to AMD.

This is fact. Intel come into the computer industry quite earlier than AMD. They were born as inventor in computer architectures, while AMD born as competitor in computer architectures.

But the deal breaker is that,  AMD provide better in terms of cost. Which is around RM 290 in differences. This price reference are for Malaysia. For outsider’s, you can refer with your own local stores. (Refer pricelist below).


Comparing the results differences in the video like Cinebench 11.5 (±0.33), Wprime (±55.382 s), 3DMark’11 (±192) and POV-Ray 3.7 RC6  tells us that they do have difference, but not in a huge delta. Yes and this is true.

For those who already experienced the changes from Windows XP and to Windows Vista and to Windows 7, can you still remember how long does it take to boot up Windows Vista compared to Windows XP or Windows 7 with your humble PC specs?

I can sure you’ll do notice the ‘noticeable time taking’ process. When the difference is huge like that, then I can conclude that it is better to pay extra for the performance wise.

So does the difference in Cinebench 11.5 (±0.33), Wprime (±55.382 s) and 3DMark’11 (±192) do worth with the price difference (±RM 290)?

While in my opinion, on every person who have a tight budget for PC builds and upgrade, it worth a while. Because talk about that huge of money! RM290? Hell I can get a new good and decent headphones or speakers if I need on that time. Even better getting a new high speed routers for networks?

Why I’m saying this? Refer to the video itself. Does the Cinebench, Wprime, 3DMark’11 or POV-Ray takes up to a nagging of 5 – 10 minutes of difference like booting Vista? If yes then probably that the worst comparison that we ever found. But the fact is not.

As I said before. I’m an Intel user before and I just entered to AMD builds after I realized that there are better cost solution for me. AMD provides better future upgrades too without the needing to change too much things like Motherboard or RAMs.

The thing I found out that, most experienced users will use AMD while non-experienced users will go towards Intel. Why?

AMD suits for overclocking. Giving the idea that most home-users in general won’t do that. Most AMD build PC are rare to find in stores, custom-made and mostly they didn’t have fully supports by any shops. They are not generally worldwide recognized as a computer solutions, which supports the reason why AMD is a complicated thing to dealt with. Yes, you live alone in a small community support, and you need to think by yourself on solutions if you got problems with AMD build PC. But most inexperienced AMD users will have supports from their colleagues and friends along their side.

Intel also provides overclocking. But they also need to provide reliability and supports for their customers because Intel are use generally in any PC builds in the world. Most people using it, and they have large number of users and supports in the point that people can just Google it down their problems and solve it piece-a-cake. Intel is a good solution for people who just want to ‘buy, use, and replace it when its broken’ scenario.

In summary, when you buy AMD PC builds, you can’t argue or complain when they underperformed with Intel. Because for a lesser price that you paid is the thing that you’ll get. But since most of them know about this and have the experience, they can simply overclock it to keep on competitive with Intel. Case solved!

While a summary for Intel, they are already fast enough out-of-the-box. Simply plug it in and you can go miles of works done. When stock speed Intel compared to overclocked AMD, you can see that some cases when AMD can outperform Intel in various things. Intel users still can overclock their CPUs too! So case solved? Suppose it should. But why not when I tell you guys that MOST of users in Intel are incapable to overclock their CPU (inexperience problem). So they actually didn’t do anything wrong when they RAGE and complaining about their CPU performance since they pay good enough for it compared to AMD.

Well for me? I just sit back and enjoy it laughing. Because experience does tell the same title in a different story. It is a good thing to buy AMD, realized that AMD is a slow and a CPU for poor person, and strive for overclocking to stay competitive with Intel. Also can shove to Intel users about my processor being so cheap but still can perform almost the same to Intel ones (towards the inexperienced users obviously…)

Take a joke for a while Intel users :D

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