AMD 2013 Tablet – Worth of the wait?

The upcoming AMD Temash tablet which is rumored to be equipped with AMD A6-1450 1.0GHz (1.4GHz Turbo) Quad-Core Processor which is quite substantially an overkill processor for such days. Reminding you guys that this is a x86 (Not sure if its x86-64) Processor. Which means its a originally a desktop/laptop processor with less power and heat.

Moving along with the details from what I heard, the AMD A6-1450 is 63% faster than the AMD Z-60 tablet processor. While that surprisingly high, from my simple calculation that I did by referring the numbers given, I found out that it only outscore my AMD E-450 about 14% improvement. Well, just don’t get too serious on this since my calculation based on simple and BIASED without having proper data, benchmark and real world test.

Here’s the numbers that I found out from the Internet.

On market

AMD Z-60 1.0GHz Dual-core = [PCMark: 1914]

AMD E-450 1.65GHz Dual-core = [PCMark: 2718]


AMD A6-1450 1.0GHz (1.4GHz) Quad-core = [PCMark: 3123]

I’m posting this because I’m currently searching for a Windows tablet which can suit with the new Windows 8. From the video, they mention about the TurboDock (from what I heard) can simply overclock the tablet when its docked to it. Well whats confuses me here is that they say the clock speed raised to 40% increase. Is it from 1.0GHz to 1.4GHz (40%) or is it from its original turbo speed 1.4GHz to killing 1.96GHz??

The 2nd option is seems have no logic behind it. Probably on the tablet mode, it will stays 1.0GHz and changes to 1.4GHz when needed, while being docked it stays with 1.4GHz. Wonders

Enough with numbers. Short notice for you guys that this upcoming Quad-core tablet is using the same architecture that upcoming Sony Playstation 4 will use which is a Jaguar micro-architecture APU. While PS4 will have a full GDDR5 RAM and Octal-core for it system (as rumored), the tablet will have only a DDR3 and Quad-core. Well at least that’s probably quite enough for a tablet…

I’m done here

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