Version Changelog

PutraHeights Minecraft Version Changelog

EX + Tekkit! II [Minecraft 1.4.7]

- New seed has been generated

- Configured as ‘Large Biome’

- Running MCPC+ Server

- Difficulty set to ‘Hard’

- Time of History settings: ??????

- SkinServer and SkinMod enabled. Refer to Skin Update manual.

- Implemented GUI installation.

- A revival project for previous Minecraft server, EX + Tekkit! R5a.

- Refer ModList for more info about the installed mods in EX + Tekkit! II

- Connect to the server via [], insiders via [aXis-PC]



ALICE [Minecraft 1.4.5] – Update 1

- Connect to her via [], insiders via [aXis-PC:56561]

HEXED [Minecraft 1.4.5] – Update 2

- Connect via [], insiders via [aXis-PC:56560]

ALICE [Minecraft 1.4.5]

- ALICE, which known as an AI who serve anything from every request. She’s pure, nothing controls her and nothing chains her. With random characteristic, she’s on her own.

- New seed generated ‘ALICE’

- The new seed generated are ‘Large Biome’

- Running pure vanilla Minecraft Server 1.4.5

- Difficulty set to ‘Peaceful’

- Game mode set to ‘Creative’

- Time of History settings : Pre Historical Era

- Nothing has been modded

- Immune to mods

- Immune to administrations

- Connect to her via [], insiders via [aXis-PC:56561]

- If you failed to do so. You’ll won’t have any chances to join the server

HEXED [Minecraft 1.4.5] – Update 1

- Connect via [], insiders via [aXis-PC:56560]

- If you failed to do so. You’ll won’t have any chances to join the server

HEXED [Minecraft 1.4.5]

- New seed generated ‘HEX’

- The new seed generated are ‘Large Biome’

- Running pure vanilla Minecraft Server 1.4.5

- Difficulty set to ‘Hard’

- Time of History settings : Pre Historical Era

- Nothing has been modded

Shin-Sekai Episode Ended

EX + Tekkit! R5a Minecraft 1.2.5

- This particular R5a Updates has a major changes in Server-side.

- Minor bugfix update for CampCraft. Anvils are now available to use.

- For CampCraft, Camp Stove are currently buggy to use but the problem didn’t create any crashes. So avoid from using it. Please use Camp Fire instead.

- Mo’Creature Orge’s strength level are decreased to balance with the nature of the server.

- The Orge’s spawning frequency are reduced from 5 to 1.

- In game splash screen updated to R5a to display which version of your Minecraft are currently running.

- Forestry’s Tin and Copper ores generation are stopped. Use IndustrialCraft’s Tin and Copper ores or RedPower’s Copper ores instead. They both compatible to each others in each needed recipes.

- Please ignore the “…you’re 5/7/10 versions late…” That is for MAtmos Upgrades. We are stuck in Minecraft 1.2.5, thus the MAtmos is no use for update now. I will check it later on.

EX + Tekkit! R5 Minecraft 1.2.5

- So the R5, the leap of changes to this server path and views. So we are heading toward differ from Tekkit. Since Tekkit originally now didn’t have any Forestry, so it’s their loss. We are the winner here.

- Few mods were added into the R5 update. So don’t forget to update.

- From now on, the Shin-Sekai Map will stay using Minecraft 1.2.5. There will no updates for that map to Minecraft 1.3.2. So if you guys want to play with Minecraft 1.3.2 as its base, then all things must be restarted again.

- There is light, but will take some time. Just because we are using more mods that specially made for MC 1.2.5, so we need to wait for the modder or the dev’s team to update their MODS to supports MC 1.3.2. It gonna take some time, seriously, from month to years. Depending on the dev itself either they want to continue their MODS or not to. Their choices not mine.

- Your beloved wooden sticks that you carry all the time before are now over. Magicians from R4a were burned for their causes. So if you didn’t want that, be sure not to cast it. (Well I love to watch you guys fooling around trying those things. Yeah seriously.)

- So thats it. What the heck? Go on read the list of new mods that I added. Oh yeah btw, READ THE RULES! Don’t forget the info too!

- I won’t explain everything about the new mods. Seriously, go get them yourself.

- Don’t rely too much on Not Enough Item’s Recipe Guide, because some of the recipe are not there because it were not fully supported yet for other MODS.

List of newly added mods:

  • Mo’Creatures Mod
  • Forestry
  • IndustrialCraft’s Advanced Solars Panel
  • IndustrialCraft’s GraviSuite
  • IndustrialCraft’s Charcoal Dust
  • BuildCraft Thermal Expansion
  • Useful Food Mods
  • CampCraft Mods

- Dont’ forget to take breakfast. Don’t skip your meal and do cook your food before eat!

EX + Tekkit! R4a Minecraft 1.2.5

- This update doesn’t requires players to do updates and patching related stuff.

- The story begins…

Back in 4000BC where born the heroes of the earth, struggling for their life to build and mine. They created their own farms, barns, poultries, huts, and houses to satisfy hunger. They created weapons to fends their selves. Created the gate of hell. Travel into the light and darkness. After the dark ages, they finally make a breakthrough on creating simple machine. Building skyscrapers… bridges… increasing populations… managing systems… railways… thus creating a civilization!

As time passed by they gained the intelligence from the book of wisdom, emphasize their fists to face their ultimate enemy. The Ender’s Dragon! Diving to the deep of the earth searching for the path to the Ender World. The heroes jumped into the door that connects to the endless void of dragon lair. Facing the dragon, fought with countless Enderman surrounding the heroes in the void world.

After gallantly fighting in the battle, they killed the dragon. Keeping the Ender’s Dragon Egg and they bring it into the Overworld. The Ender’s Egg, sealing mass information about all of the running world. They continue researching and advancing their technology. They rise into the Industrial Ages and the Ender’s Dragon Egg are kept on being used to seek more knowledge. As they keep pushing researching, the Ender’s Dragon Egg erupted and blasting all its core to all the heroes.

Enraged blast causes a dimensional rift thus breaking their beloved Overworld. The time has distorted. Sucked by a blackhole, reaping all their technologies and resources into it. All of them were sent across the time, scattered to the time where all began. Gained the Law of Theories from the Egg, they continue their life with no more resources that they gained before…

- Server reports that there some strange technological advancement located far from the Neo Fortressia. It shows that the area are too advanced since there only small villages that still on their Agriculture Ages. As the time runs, the place can be raided by the wrong hands in no time.

EX + Tekkit! R4 Minecraft 1.2.5

- Behold to R4! The final chapter of Tekkit Mods!

- Starting from this point, I can assure you guys that almost 95% of all mods in Tekkit are all implemented nicely on this server! Yeah baby!

- By all means, I won’t be summarize the list of mod that I did add in R4 but what I need to do now is just tell you that there are 2 specific MODS that been discarded from this server.

- First, the famous ‘Fullmetal’ Equivalent Exchange (EE for short). A mod that does the possible thing impossible to happen. Yeah, don’t get wrong on my typing here. Reason on not implementing it? I don’t want to produce lazy people in my server on just slacking their ass off and pick their noses to pull out diamonds out. Srsly. Request for this mod will not be entertained. Srsly. NO


- Thus all mod that I didn’t mention in R4 here is meant by it is been implemented into the server. Cool eh? Even I go to the boundary of editing up to 100++ items and block IDs, well while you guys were sitting and relaxing enjoying this game and waiting for your bugs problem to be solved. Nice, just nice…

- Well anyway, I saw that Tekkit also uses the NetherOres mod. So the NetherOres problem before is that the nether ores itself is spawning on the Overworld. The bug has been fixed in this R4. But what is the main problem is that, ‘Iron Nether Ore’ and ‘Gold Nether Ore’ are the duo ores that having problem. You can’t macerate them inside IC2′s Macerator to get more its dusts product. Thus I saw that Tekkit also having this problem. So all the blame will go to the NetherOre’s dev team. You can still cook the ore inside a Furnace, so is not that 100%waste. I will update the NetherOres mod if they fixed the problem. But for the moment, please bear with the consequences.

- Added IndustrialCraft2 r9 for solving bug problems

- Since this R4 will be the last for following Tekkit mods since we just filled all needed mods to act similar as Tekkit servers. I will annouce that the server will have their own style and extra mods that useful and fun to have.

List of dropped mods:

  • Equivalent Exchange
  • ComputerCraft

List of newly added mods:

  • Jammy Furniture Mod

List of new plugins added:

  • xAuth
  • SmartMoving

- Skipping the list of dropped mods. Lets got on the newly added mods as to differentiate our server to Tekkit wise server.

- Jammy Furniture Mod is a mod that adds the cosmetics for your houses. You can expect to have TV, Chairs, Table, Washing Machines and a lot sorts of things too. Be sure to check it after the updates!

- Plugins added are xAuth and SmartMoving. xAuth is a security plugins that being implemented into the server core to increase the awareness on player of how dangerous their accounts without having any password protection. Thus, xAuth is a new added functions into the server for user to register their Usernames to have password. Be sure to register and type in the password correctly because there’s no “password and confirm password” functions yet. So if you have typo in registering your Username, you’ll cook yourself out.

- The most excited plugins to be told. SmartMove. Simple. Move like Altair and Ezio like sort of. Although there’s no hay bale to leap of faith with, but you still can do it into the oceans and the seas!

- Please use Google for more info about the new mods and plugins.

- For people who have difficulty to play this Minecraft server, you can download the [EX + Tekkit! Fresh] for fresh Minecraft installation. [Worth 20MB of .zip]. Get it here []

- For Tekkit based mods, you can check their mod listed here [] and simply click on the Mod List tab there. Just reminding, EE and CC mods are excluded from this server. So it’s kinda useless to review their recipes there. Heh.

- One last thing. Srsly, you guys gonna enjoy this R4. To the fullest! Now go get the updates of you didn’t do so! Go Go Go!

EX + Tekkit! R3a Minecraft 1.2.5

- Since R3 make a fuss to me, there’s some bug fix for it. Thus R3a is born.

- Fixed bug of PowerConverters item and machines recipe when crafting that causing kicked out from server

- That damn NetherOres are not too compatible with the server, thus it been removed for the moment. Will update again if the mod are fine to run and use.

- Refresh mods configurations.

EX + Tekkit! R3 Minecraft 1.2.5


- With R3, you guys can enjoy almost the same as Tekkit about 70 – 80 percent. Trusted!

- PowerConverter Mods has been bugfixed.

- Upgrade of IndustrialCraft2 v1.95 (R2) to IndustrialCraft2 v1.97 (R3)

- New mods has been added.

  • Balkon’s Weapon Mod
  • Immibis Core & TubeStuff
  • IronChests
  • Nether Ores
  • Rei’s Minimap
  • Inventory Tweaks

- New addon mods added

  • IndustrialCraft2 Advanced Machines
  • IndustrialCraft2 Nuclear Control
  • IndustrialCraft2 Charging Bench
  • IndustrialCraft2 Compact Solars

- Balkon’s Weapon Mod title tells everything.

- Immibis Core & TubeStuff which I don’t even know what it is. TubeStuff probably adding more functions to BuildCraft? Just Immibis Core is kind of confusing…

- IronChest adding new chests to use.

- Nether Ores added normal ores into Netherworld

- Rei’s Minimap will saves your paper.

- Inventory Tweaks makes arranging items in Inventory less hassle.

- Advanced Machines do upgrades into IndustrialCraft2 machines

- The rest of the addon mod’s title also tells everything.

- A hint for those who reach here.

“Forbidden wisdom comes from reading”

EX + Tekkit! R2 Minecraft 1.2.5

- The update that you’ve been waiting for!

- Update server into Craftbukkit class server. Now it can support with more and more functions. Talk about the future upgrades can be done?!

- File for downloading the update will not being upload in Facebook Group because the update is so huge that will irritates me if something goes wrong and need to upload it back.

- New mods has been added.

  • PowerConverter
  • MAtmos w Weapon Interactions

- So what is PowerConverter? To make BuildCraft energy (Minecraft Joule/MJ) to IndusrialCraft energy (Energy Unit/EU)

- Then MAtmos is for your Ears! Hear the natural feeling of Minecraft in far and realistic way!

EX + Tekkit! R1 Minecraft 1.2.5

-Nothing special were added but…


-New world were seeded. Shin Sekai

EX + Tekkit! Minecraft 1.2.5

-This is a major update for my Putra Heights Minecraft Server. Heavily implemented with mods to deliver more joy and excitement to play. Well kind of.

-So what you can expect in this version? Nothing much. But there will some hassle need to do. Wiki all the mods. Just that.

-This is just based on Tekkit. But it’s not a Tekkit Server. Thus, there will slightly different to what you see in Tekkit Mod reviews or etc.

-There will be no major updates after this. Only revision updates that add ups the mod to be more efficient will be intergrated into this version. It will marked as “Rn”. Thus the 1st revision will be on “EX + Tekkit! R1″ that will come afterwards. Depends on mood, my business life, and how important the minor mod needed in this game.

-So this is the list of Mods that been added into it.

  • IndustrialCraft2
  • BuildCraft
  • RedPower2
  • Railcraft
  • ComputerCraft

-All the major mods are in the latest version on the time writing this. (13 June 2012)

-What is been taken away from us is the Old World. The Old World will not supporting well with the newer mod implementations. Then there are too many resources will be added inside. Thus, starting from Old World will need us to travel far more than 1500+ points of coordinates to get the newer resources which is kind of waste of time.

-Thus, this is a new world. Create all again from the beginning.

-Why not using MC-Edit? I’m not too fond with it and I think after this there’s no more reason to generate a newer world. So this is a good chance for a good start.

-There are voices out there telling me that EE Mods that bundled in Tekkit Mod (For those who know it) will cause the game unbalance. Thus it will not be implemented. (For time being)

-List of wikis:

-There’s an altar beacon for new player to be spawned. It’s a fortress. Try not to vandalize the resource in it because it will play a good role for those who newly started to this game and need a place for protections. No such thing as restoring the altar again.

-Don’t forget to report bugs!

v2.0 Minecraft 1.2.5

-For those who got the emeralds from mining or trading with the villagers, I’m sorry. We didn’t recognize the currency… So if you have it, just throw it away if you think it will contribute bugs in your game. If you not to, then you and yourself need to deal with it.

-Since trading is not so efficient, and I just know it that it was based on probability functions. Thus I likely to announce that Trading will not implement in this builds.

-Jungle Temples? Forget it

-v1.1 is based on snapshots for Minecraft 1.3 that previewing build 12w22a. What it is mean is that the build is an Alpha stage Minecraft. (Thus it will getting buggy)

-Probably v1.1 is the problem that makes the server laggy? Need to confirm this

-Thus, if you looking forward for trading with those weird Villagers, then wait for the stable version of Minecraft 1.3 officially release.


-What the heck I skip a line? To break the bad parts above

-In this version, there will be more excited things will happen. Thats right. MODs

-What is the biggest energy production system in our system currently have? Thats right. We deal with Nuclear Reactors now.

-Thus, do I need to tell everything?

Read more about v2.0 added resources and blocks by the MODs here

v1.1 : Minecraft 1.3 (Previewing 12w22a)

-Updated the server software. Now running latest build, so there will be lots of changes in the functions of the game. No I won’t note all the changes in this document, thus if you’re really interested just Google it. XD

-Why update to v1.1? Just realised that Villagers that we enjoy to kill is capable to sell us item. So go update your Minecraft by download the latest Minecraft that I upload in this group. Interact to villagers is just simply right-click to them.

-Other v1.1 new improvement will be added later down here.

Update: No, I don’t update for v1.1 anymore. Because I don’t even like the build. Trading with villagers, unequally? Bah

v1.0 : Minecraft 1.2.5

-Running 100% similar to Survival Singleplayer. But now the world map is run by a server, thus it enable us to join is as Survival Multiplayer mode.

-Nothing were added




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