Skin Change

In order to change your skin, all you need is by following this nice steps provided below.

  1. Register to this website
    • Please make sure your username are tally with the name that you will using in Minecraft game. (This is for future support purpose, if you want to know) :D
    • Why do you need to register? I only set the uploader visible only for my registered users. Just that. (Also for future related things) :D
  2. Login into this website using your registered username
  3. Go to my Minecraft webpage, check on the sidebar.
    • The webpage link is just up there.
    • On the sidebar, look for ‘Skin Uploader’
  4. Then for the skin files, you can download it anywhere in the Internet.
    • Please make sure that the skin file (Example: wtHHb.png) are changed to (Your_Minecraft_Username.png). This is how the Minecraft system detects your skin. The skin files must have the same name as your character name in Minecraft. It just that simple actually.
    • One more thing, the skin name does not affected by case-sensitive. So Mike.png, mike.png or mikE.png is a similar thing.
  5. Then try login to Minecraft and see if there’s any changes. If does, you should see your preferred skin on your character. If not, try to report to me A.S.A.P.
  6. If you add your skin while the ‘Minecraft’ game is still running, please close the game first. Then restart to see the changes.


This SkinMod that I develop is functioning only in my server. If you played on other server, you still can see your skin there, but players around you won’t. Logic: Because they didn’t installed my SkinMod.

Is that hard to create your own Mods and Skin Server? Not really but all you need is some idea on C programming and some good critical and logic thinking. ;)

Is my SkinMod is Open-sourced? I can’t be sure about that. I would like to make it private-use only. But if you wish to know more about it, I can share some tidbits. My source code are so short, like it only takes about 5 – 6 lines per ‘class’ files. But the hard part is how to prepare things to do Mods, setup some softwares and other configuration things. :D

—More FAQs will be added later—

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