FourtCraft Mythronics

1) Open the highlighted Icon


2) See this launcher? Insert your ideal username.


3) No need to wander around if you don’t know how to configure it. Just press PlayFCM-Play

4) Arrived to this Menu? No? Close all application. Repeat step 1. Still failed? Restart your computer. Good? Go to Multiplayer.


5) Select either one server in the list. Its the same server, but for different kind of cases. VPN/Local is the best, but didn’t have it? Go for Internet


6) Insert your password here. (I don’t store passwords in text form. I can’t read it anyway. If I do, I don’t want it in the first place)


7) Done! Enjoy your 3 short Minecraft Hardcore life. I really mean it. No puns intended.

Minecraft Vanilla

- If this is your first time playing Minecraft, don’t skip this part.

- Start downloading Minecraft installers first before proceed.

- Yes, this is quite logic. You need to install the game first before proceeding to Mods installation like “EX + Tekkit! II”.

EX + Tekkit! II

- This is a Mod installer and updater. You need to install Minecraft first before proceed to this next section.

- New improved installation process. Now with GUI!

- Simply download any installation ways that you want.

- For Automated, there’s 2 type of installer.

  • Automated
    1. EX + Tekkit! II Fresh Installer
      • This installer will backup all your previous Minecraft Installations from [%APPDATA%\.minecraft] to [%APPDATA%\.minecraft_original].
      • You need to reconfigure back your preferred ‘Video Settings’ that suits your need
      • In other word, this is a full fresh installation with backup functions.
    2. EX + Tekkit! II Patcher
      • This patcher does all the extraction automatically.
      • What difference with the Fresh Installer, this installer is known as ‘Patcher’
      • What it does is just extract all it’s files into [%APPDATA%\.minecraft] without run any backup to the original files in [%APPDATA%\.minecraft].
      • Any Revision update (Rn) will be using this way of install.
      • Of course, you still can run Fresh Installer for any update that I release. No problem
  • Manually
    1. EX + Tekkit! II (RAR)
      • As what stated there, a manually ‘DIY’ by copy and paste the files into your Minecraft installation folder.
      • No automation added. All DIY

- All the files can be found in Minecraft Downloads menu.

- For those who Installing EX + Tekkit! II for the first time, it’s recommended to use Fresh Installer first to avoid problems.

- For those who know what you were doing, you guys can download the Patcher or manually DIY even you are first time installing EX + Tekkit! II. IF YOU KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

- Since this is still new, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you got problems with Installation.


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