Welcome to PutraHeights Minecraft!

Minecraft @ Putra Heights Version Banner v4.0

Current Version

FourthCraft Mythronics

To play, please refer to the Manual sections.

Please report any bugs to the comment section or in the Facebook Groups. Easier to get attention from other players too.

For those who would like to join the Facebook Group community, please add yourself in the group. Search for ‘Putra Heights Minecraft Server‘ group. It’s open for public. Oh look! I’ve added a link to the name! It was easy doesn’t it?

Check the left sidebar for server status.

Need to change skins? Can’t help you out mate. Skins functions are temporarily/permanently unavailable due to some circumstances. (BLAME MOJANG)

There’s no more Version Changelog. Everything will be posted on per update basis.

Thanks and enjoy your stay.

Xyrandria’s Map

Click Here For Fullscreen Map

Noticed the ‘>’ sign at the bottom of the map? It’s a chatbox FYI! You can chat with your in-game friend here too!

Minecraft Updates

FourthCraft Mythronics!

Introducing… FourthCraft Mythtronics! As you can see. The spawner area. By this time of writing, my mind is totally blank and I don’t know how to publicize this. Oh well, you guys still willing to play it right? Cool. That’s
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It's finally here!!!

At last! The wait is over. I finally completed my release for my Minecraft server. Finally, finally…. Wah… It should be release actually. But since it got too many mods integrated into it, a BETA release is needed to test
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Pre-2014 Updates

So just to be sure that, I’m totally going to a hellish days, weeks and months from last day I posted until the end of January 2014 (As the time of typing this) Some of my wishlist that I want
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Minecraft RAD UPDATE5

With enough sleep and motivation. Some essential mods has been added into it. Hey? I’m done here. There’s nothing much of mods that useful enough to be add into at this moment. First of all. We need maps. So we
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Minecraft RAD UPDATE4

THE FASTEST SPEED! THE FURIOUS BEAST! THE CRACKING DAZE! … Anyway, the launcher finally cracked and filled with mods goodness. Its time to add my SkinMOD. Aye? UPDATE5 gonna be slower than the other 4 previous release including this. Why?
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Posts with ‘minecraft’ tags

No Minecraft Updates Annoucement

As stated on the title, I’m will not working on the updates either testing it or doing RAD updates for this 1 week. I got some assignment which due just around the corner, and also a final exam paper that
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Let's start again

Short notice. Will start up previously plan. Sorry for the late. Nothing really. Missing out the fun. What happened to Minecraft server? Will fix it upcoming this new semester. Will have a tight schedule. No messing around probably. Facebook sucks.
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Engineer with a Scalpel - Surgeon Simulator 2013

What’s up guys? So for my today’s post, I’m going to share a game for you guys to try it out. This game called as Surgeon Simulator 2013. Some short info. Doesn’t require too much GPU power, so I take
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Coincidence or Conspiracy

Well well, what do we have here? All screenshots was taken from Shin Sekai Yori – 17 which is released yesterday on Saturday. Probably this isn’t the first time you heard these kind of words right? For those who played
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Malicious IP

Seriously guys? DON’T MAKE ME TRACE YOU. Even though its not accurate. But I do have logic to trace you well. BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT THIS. The easiest way is by tracing your internet username for your internet connections. Then things
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