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Current Version

PutraHeights Vanilla
FourthCraft Mythronics II

(It’s 2020. I’m lazy as ever before. Some of stuff in this website won’t reflect anything anymore. Probably. Everything in brackets are 2020 update from me.)

(2020: tl;dr version. Discord, try to get a way to enter it)

To play, please refer to the Manual sections. (2020: Does that even work now?)

Please report any bugs to the comment section or in the Facebook Groups. Easier to get attention from other players too. (2020: We have Discord now. To join it, you need referral from other players who inside the Discord server.)

For those who would like to join the Facebook Group community, please add yourself in the group. Search for ‘Putra Heights Minecraft Server‘ group. It’s open for public. Oh look! I’ve added a link to the name! It was easy doesn’t it? (2020: Who the heck is this guy back in 2016, so unreal if that was me)

Check the left sidebar for server status. (2020: yeah probably I’ll fix that. Nope. I just came back from checking it. I’m too lazy to fix it. All server status are in Discord anyway)

Need to change skins? Can’t help you out mate. Skins functions are temporarily/permanently unavailable due to some circumstances. (BLAME MOJANG) (2020: yep. Mojang is Microsoft now. Who had thought. But we do have custom skin server now.)

There’s no more Version Changelog. Everything will be posted on per update basis. (2020: Discord. All of it in Discord)

Thanks and enjoy your stay. (2020: I don’t care. Leave if want to)

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