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Initially the vision is…

aXis RnD Team fully working in mid-2009 with the intent to give opportunity to people to start something that might come in handy in the future

Which really applies on the stated year of 2009. When the group is establish, the workflow is buttery, with the no-experience about anything about managements, programming, even basic web developing and other related things. In 2010, the team reached its Golden Era when some of the information provided is good enough to ‘induce rage’ to certain unrecognized people in the Internet.

Well, that is what happened before. Until it reached to the point where this sole group going for Hibernation for total 2 years. Why? Facebook has taken all of our work. It just that we ran out of members, initiative, information, encouragement, spirits, and time for it.

Thus the stated vision before has reach its point at 2010. Thus we resolve to have a new better vision to suits with needs in upcoming years starting from 2013.


aXis RnD Team created and fully working in mid-2009 with the intent to give the opportunity to people to get connected, share and enjoy interest, provide guides or to be guided for a cause or purpose and harness the Internet information for future use by having as much team-working with specialized talents and interests divisions to manage the group.


So who behind all of this?

  • It me, aXis. I been use this name for quite some time until now.


  • The group. I created it out of blue. With having my closest friends on that time as the members

Eh…Then the motive is?

  • Nothing specific. We do what we want. We help what who needs it. We ignore when its to hassle to dealt with. Bah

I think this is not the first time we met

  • If you say so then yeah. The group has created since 2009, what you expect? We hitting the Google Search top 5 best hit search on “AMD C50″ before. Now? It stills there but, the link is dead already.
  • Then the group moving a project on opening private server for Ragnarok Online under the naming of “aXisRO”
  • If you saw somewhere in the Internet about “PutraHeights Minecraft”, then that’s one of the currently running project that we I managed alone. Just the name differ because it started without any preparations.
  • IF AND IF YOU STUMBLED MY SADDEST WORK, you’ll notice that I working on subbing a single episode of anime K-ON! in 2010. Why I do this, because that time the subbed release were slow like hell and I lost my nerve for it. It was fun at that time, but I’m not proud with the work done for the subbing. YES. BECAUSE I’M DOING IT ALONE. AGAIN.


  • Yes you are. If you’re interested to join. Let me know.
  • Go check out my dedicated Minecraft page for more info. I bet you guys surely know what to do there.

So other than that?

  • Since I almost all the time working alone with my friends. Then I going random places with my friends. Nothing else.
  • Most of us will be going to Malaysia Comic Fiesta, annually.
  • Most of us will be going Sunway Animangaki, depends on the mood in the air.
  • More upcoming anime conventions? Probably going, depends.

OK. What the hell is the sub-branch you telling me before?

  • Oh that? It’s just an old policies. Right now I think there will no specific groups to be assigned but as a whole team to solve anything that suits our interest. Well this kinda cool when I’m typing about it.

I’m into money. Is this group profitable?

  • It can. But it will depends on you and yourself. You gain for yourself. We lend hands if you needed and always, you’ll be ignored when we didn’t want to involved into. Bwahahaha

Can we chat?

  • Yes you can. But where? I rely with the Internet. So try to figure suitable place in the Internet first. IRL second.

I want to talk about letting myself joining!

  • *stares*…. Seriously? If you like to write blogs and writing more and more informational stuff to be shared. I be delighted to let you. If not, you better leave the work to us.
  • Anyway you can join and leave as you want. But be aware, after you leaving this group, I’ll hunt for your grave.

Is there any plans for future works?

  • There’s many! But it never starts IF I’M ALL WORKING ALONE AGAIN.
  • I need people to start something with. Need the people to maintain the task.

So what are the plans are again?

  • Going for music jamming together?
  • Create a song?
  • Make a program that we all dreaming about?
  • Anime fansubbing?
  • Wiki website for Minecraft or etc?

Where’s is “something”.”extension” files?

  • OMG. I don’t sure why people keep asking for this. All my files will be on the Fileserver. Just hover your cursor at “Fileserver” (just below of the website banner) and select “Outsider”. Then you’ll arrive to my Fileserver instead of Webserver

Actually, there’s tons of it. You can give yours as well too. But what I stated before. I need people for it to be work.

—More FAQs will be added later—

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